Welcome to Glimt Recovery Center

A place where you can be yourself, in a positive community. Glimt Recovery Center is a meeting place at Heimdal in Trondheim, where you can be a part of a community regardless of interests.

Get to know other participants who wants the same thing – a meaningful everyday life. The content and what makes your everyday life meaningful is up to you, and we want to help make it easier for you to work with what you like. We will be there to support you.

What would you like to do?

Here at Glimt, you can help decide which acitivities that should happen. Join the plant group, learn an instrument or craft something with your hands. We have equipment to work with, among other things, music and art. We also offer courses, like music production, art therapy and music therapy.

At daytime the center is open for people over 18 years old.

About Glimt Recovery Center

Glimt Recovery Center wash established in 2019, and takes inspiration from the CHIME model. Glimt Recovery Center is a part of KBT – Competence Center for Lived Experience and Service Development.

The word “Glimt” means glimpse, and one can get many associations from it in Norwegian. Like “a glimmer of sun” (et glimt av sol), “a twinkle in the eye” (et glimt i øyet) or “a glimmer of hope” (et glimt av håp).

Contact information

Address: Søbstadvegen 2, 7088 Heimdal
Phone: +47 929 92 150
E-mail: glimt@kbtkompetanse.no

Covid-19 information

Due to the current situation with the pandemic, there are some restrictions at the center. We are now organized in cohorts, and you must sign up to participate. Contact us if you want to come, and we will find a solution. We also have some digital offers on Zoom and Facebook. More information in Norwegian.